Start your review of Essential Economics Write a review Jul 13, Dennis Littrell rated it it was amazing Handy, accessible, readable Economics is not an exact science. Neither is it the "dismal science" that Thomas Carlyle claimed it was back in the days when Britannica still ruled the waves. Economics is a social science, a "historical" science, a science that can seldom rely on experiment to test its theories but must make do with observation. We do not know whether a tax cut for the rich, for example, will be good for the economy as a whole. It can be tried and when the results are in some years Handy, accessible, readable Economics is not an exact science. It can be tried and when the results are in some years or decades down the road, we may come to some conclusion; but because we could not also see what would have happened had there been no tax cut or a different sort of tax cut, we really cannot be sure that it was the tax cut for the rich that led to economic growth or as the case may be revolution.

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He co-founded and advises the givingtuesday campaign and the Social Progress Index. Mr Bishop is the author of several books, including three with Michael Green. According to former U. Our interdependent world is too unequal, unstable, and, because of climate change, unsustainable. We have to transform it into one of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities, and a shared sense of community. Bishop and Green show us how to do it.

Its insights will help all of us reshape the future and enable both citizen and policy maker alike to separate real reform from the grandstanding bluster so prevalent today.

In , he wrote an acclaimed special report on corporate governance, Watching the Boss. Before joining The Economist, Mr. Bishop was on the faculty of London Business School, where he co-authored three books for the Oxford University Press on subjects ranging from privatization and regulation to corporate mergers. Prior to that, Mr. Bishop was educated at Oxford University. He has served as a member of the Sykes Commission on the investment system in the 21st century. On Twitter he is mattbish.


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