Friday, 4th. There had been but two days of vacation, yet it seemed to me as though I had been a long time without seeing Garrone. The more I know him, the better I like him; and so it is with all the rest, except with the overbearing, who have nothing to say to him, because he does not permit them to exhibit their oppression. His father is an engine-driver on the railway; he has begun school late, because he was ill for two years.

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The entire chronological setting corresponds to the third-grade season of Enrico says it has been four years since death of Victor Emmanuel II , king of Italy, and the succession by Umberto I , and also tells about the death of Giuseppe Garibaldi , which happened in As well as his teacher who assigns him with homework that deals with several different stories of children throughout the Italian states who should be seen as role models — these stories are then given in the book as Enrico comes upon reading them. Every story revolves around a different moral value, the most prominent of which are helping those in need, having great love and respect for family and friends, and patriotism. Bottini family[ edit ] Enrico Bottini: Narrator and main character. Average student who is keen to learn things and meet people in his classroom.


Edmondo De Amicis

Early career[ edit ] Born in Oneglia today part of the city of Imperia , he went to the Military Academy of Modena , and became an Army officer in the new Kingdom of Italy. De Amicis fought in the battle of Custoza during the Third Independence War , a defeat of Savoy forces against the Austrian Empire ; the spectacle left him disappointed, and contributed to his later decision to leave military life. In , he joined the staff of the journal La Nazione in Rome , and his correspondence at the time later served as base for his travel writings: Spagna , Olanda , Ricordi di Londra , Marocco , Constantinople , Ricordi di Parigi A new edition of Costantinople, considered by many his masterpiece and the best description of the city in the 19th century, was published in , with a foreword by Umberto Eco. Its success was immense: in a few months it was printed in 40 Italian editions and translated into dozens of languages. In , he adhered to the Italian Socialist Party.

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