Himu is a gadabout young man. His age maybe His dress and get-up are irritating to some people. He is not so beautiful, but his eyes and smiling face are very nice.

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Tomuro You did not cheat people before but now you are cheating. He is the new the new progenitor of a new style of the composer on Bengali fiction. The real name of the Himu character is Himalaya. Login to your account Remember Me Register a new account Lost your password? December 22, Himu SeriesHumayun Ahmed. All credit goes to original Up-loader And Editor.

Although Himu does not confess his own spiritual power. Himu SeriesHumayun Ahmed. Humayun Ahamed is one of the Bengali popular fiction writers of twentieth-century.

Based very loosely on Black Sun by Graham Brown. Without cause, she laughs a very little. A Numa Files Novel. About Me Ebook Lover. Himu is a popular character of Bangladeshi fiction writer Humayun Ahmed.

The name was given by his father. Buy Us A Beer! Mention here, we will try to share them. He is both novelists, short-story writer, dramatist, and lyricist. Subscribe For Get Free E-book. Himu is a gadabout young man. He had a school to make hallow whose only student was his son Himu. So, I try to share my collection with you.

Shared 4 Facebook Twitter. Just download and enjoy and never forget to leave a feedback. His age may be His dress and get-up are irritating to some people. About Ebook Lover I love to read books and also love to share them with others. Post a Comment Are you seeking some rare EBooks? Humayun Ahmed Himu Novels. They are collected from the various source of internet. He is looked us as the best writer in Bangladesh after liberation.

He is also felicitated as the director of drama and movie. The management works very hard to make sure the community can get the best books, Arrange Rare and Exclusive Collections and all the other works and tasks. Rupa says I am laughing because you are changing. His published book is more than three hundred. Newer Post Older Post Home. Himru the wedding of Himu and Tamanna is to see Rupa, Rupa laughed. Leave a comment Cancel reply.

Himu says why are you laughing, Rupa? He is not so beautiful, but his eyes and rupalii face are very nice. Author Hi Guys, I love to read books and also love to share with others. I think, my collection will helpful to you.

A PDF format of popular Himu series book uploaded by us. You can also read this book online from google drive. Individuating he is himud pioneer of modern Bengali science-fiction. Like Us On Facebook. Home Privacy Policy Sitemap. Most Related.


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Himur Rupali Ratri by Humayun Ahmed


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