As it contains no moving parts, the i even works under extreme temperature fluctuations, or areas having dirt, dust and moisture - conditions that would push a normal bar code scanner to its limits. The i is therefore ideally The Honeywell i industrial linear imager offers you maximum scanning performance, a scanning distance of over two metres and, in addition, has an industrial housing that tolerates the harshest conditions without incurring damage. The i is therefore ideally suited for warehouses, manufacturing, sales, and in production and forklift applications, both inside as well as outside buildings. Linear imager for the harshest conditions in industry and production Scans all 1D and GS1 bar codes even under the most difficult conditions Exceptionally robust construction IP54 - for extreme temperatures up to C High performance through Adaptus Imaging Technology 5. As a result, users are spared tiresome climbing or moving about, whereby productivity along with ergonomics is greatly increased.

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Contact Us Overview Need an extended read range to scan your linear barcodes? The i wired and i wireless industrial linear-imaging scanners let you scan at ranges up to cm 82 in. Excellent Read Range Imaging technology now extends the read range out to cm 82 in on linear codes, eliminating the need to reach and climb to scan barcodes. Easy to Use True point-and-shoot, handheld ergonomics easily fits oversized gloved hands, while intuitive aiming means operators will become productive quickly.

Fast, Aggressive Decoding Quickly scans even poorly printed or damaged barcodes. Wired or Wireless Enjoy the convenience of wireless freedom up to 10 m 33 ft , or the security of a tethered connection.

This technology allows you to read barcodes at ranges up to cm 82 in. In real-world applications, this extended read range means less climbing and reaching, and more operator productivity. The i and i scanners read your barcode image and process its content times per second. In a fraction of a second, the Honeywell digital image processor quickly and easily determines the data content and sends it to your host computer.

Our proprietary technology quickly and securely identifies poor quality symbols, and still delivers snappy performance. Shock absorbing rubber overmold on the case and a sealed optics module ensure this device will survive dozens of 2 m 6.

Although we do not expect you to treat your scanner this way, we know it will survive many years of accidental abuse. The i scanner also features a unique design that not only allows tool-free access to the battery, but also eliminates the need to dock the scanner for charging — a true advantage for operations where downtime is not an option.

Find out more about what your organization can accomplish with the i and i scanners and Honeywell workflow solutions. Contact us today. Latest Thinking.


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