Because 01 the many years that I have been playing and the varied experiences I have had, I have arrived at a point where Diatonic Harmony. Chord Symbols Key Signatures. Key Centers or similar devices no longer have any hold on me. In short,1 have become liberated. Bear in mind this took 28 years. Now then, when reading through this book, remember that these lines came out of my intuitive sense not from some mechanical formula.

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Peabody Conservatory trained guitarist Steven Herron is available to answer questions and make recommendations that will help you become a better guitarist!

Just call Toll-Free now!! Joe has 50 years experience playing the guitar and over 40 years experience as a performer and recording artist. Highly respected as an educator, Joe has numerous books as well as several educational DVDs to his name. Additionally, Joe was one of the three founding instructors for the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood! Using the jazz standards Stella by Starlight and Autumn Leaves, Joe demonstrates and teaches his "one of a kind" approach to solo jazz guitar playing.

He includes lessons on chord fragments, harmonies, arranging solo pieces, fills, comping, bass lines, intervals, chord inversions and much more! Joe also teaches his proprietary system for expanding your chord vocabulary which will immediately help you develop more contemporary and exotic chord changes. Each solo is jammed full of inventive licks and patterns to use as building blocks and jumping off points for creating dynamic jazz guitar solos!

Includes: bossa nova, swing, and be-bop chord accompaniments. Standard notation with chord diagrams Notation and tab It also contains 16 original blues compositions. It also contains chord substitution examples, overview of 4th and 5th shapes, numerous lines and arpeggios, and 2 original compositions "Monking", and "Blues For All Space Cadets".


Joe Diorio Guitar Tab Books, Instruction DVDs, Chord Melody Solos, Arrangements, Video Lessons

I have become liberated, freed from the weight of thinking of music as opposed to just playing it. Bear in mind this took 28 years. So before we head to outer space, we must first explore inner space. For instance, a root-position major seventh chord R contains two perfect fifth intervals played a major third four frets apart, and a root-position minor seventh chord R-bb7 is built from two perfect fifths played a minor third three frets apart. Tip: Both arpeggios can be reduced to form standard chord voicings, such as R, R, R-bb7, and R-b7-b In the case of major seventh chords, the lower fifth contains the root and 5, while the upper fifth supplies the chord-defining 3 and 7. With minor seventh chords, the lower fifth maintains the root and 5, while the upper one forms the b3 and b7.


Intervallic Designs for Jazz Guitar: Ultramodern Sounds for Improvising [With CD (Audio)]



Joe Diorio – Intervallic Designs for Jazz Guitar


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