Like other revisionists, I was challenged by his ideas. Of all the champions of tales of Jewish exterminations and homicidal gas chambers, Pressac, together with the long dead Jewish-English historian Gerald Reitlinger, was the only one whom I could regard with any degree of respect. This is true of most of those who subscribe to the official version of the fate of the Jews during the Second World War, as well as most revisionists. Pressac was not Jewish and he stood on the right politically.

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Pressac writes page : This study already demonstrates the complete bankruptcy of the traditional Holocaust history … a history based for the most part on testimonies, assembled according to the need of the moment, truncated to ft an arbitrary truth and sprinkled with a few German documents of uneven value and without any connection with one another. The entire building was drastically restructured and reconstituted after the war, and the crematory chimney there is a phony.

No homicidal gassings were ever carried out there. The new myth One would expect that after dismissing virtually the entire body of Exterminationist sources and evidence, Pressac would present his own. Instead, however, he admits that the eyewitness testimonies on which he bases his findings including the well-known accounts of Miklos Nyiszli and Charles Bendel are riddled with errors, absurdities, inventions, and contradictions.

He shows us an architectural plan of Auschwitz-Birkenau dated August that indicates that German authorities anticipated a camp large enough eventually to hold , inmates. He claims the average number of cremations per day at Crematory II was or or page or page or closer to 1, page , because the figure of 2, on page is not acceptable or between 1, and 1, page or nearly While claiming that 95 percent or more of the Zyklon B was used to kill lice, and that only 5 percent or less was used to kill people page 15 , Pressac then asks us to believe that in order to obtain more of the then-scarce Zyklon B for pest control, authorities at Auschwitz pretended to be gassing Jews page Thus Pressac would have us believe that German officials used their systematic mass extermination of the Jews simultaneously to murder Jews, and to save their lives.

Although a pharmacist, Pressac has as tenuous a grasp on the physical sciences as on historiography.

Furthermore, Pressac states that the exhaust gasses of diesel engines and spark ignition engines are equally deadly when used for homicidal purposes, page 16 even though it is well established that the exhaust from spark-ignition engines is many times more deadly than that of diesel engines.


JCP Auschwitz Technique And Operation Of The Gas Chambers

He was warned against the tendency to see "falsehoods" everywhere. Instead, he was asked to study and photograph the ruins of crematoria in search of "false interpretations" of visible objects. Upon his arrival in Poland, Pressac believed that he was prepared to "revise" the official history of the camps. Pressac used only authentic documents concerning the construction of crematoria and the gas chambers, which originated from the Nazi German office of Zentral Bauleitung der Waffen SS. Museum staff provided him with assistance, convinced of his honourable intentions. The analysis of material proof convinced him that his former views shaped by the Faurisson case were in error. I had admittedly been able to take many photographs, which I thought would help Faurisson form a more concrete picture of the site, but I had not been able to bring back any documents


Jean-Claude Pressac

This is arguably the most important early book on a frightening and difficult subject. Holocaust deniers have seized on the opportunities created by the Nazi decision to destroy the crematoria in Auschwitz-Birkenau at the end of World War II. They argue that homicidal gas chambers were not employed to murder Jews and other minorities in the camp. This copyrighted material is presented exclusively for use by our readers to assist in their research. The material may not be copied, downloaded or placed on another web site without the express permission in writing from the Mazal Library. Special requests may be addressed to: hmazal mazal. The original run was limited to 1, copies making it very rare and highly desirable.


The Holocaust according to Jean-Claude Pressac

Those authors, in order to make the reader believe that groups of Jewish women and children surprised by the photographer between crematories II and III could not go any farther and were thus going to end up in the "gas chambers" and those crematories, had simply eliminated from the map the path which. Jean-Claude Pressac claims that these sewing machines were brought along with them by women deportees. The innumerable photographs of the deportation show not one single woman carrying a sewing machine on her back. The claim was later made that the peepholes were proof of the existence of an execution gas chamber. That this is not the case, was later admitted by J. Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers reproduces several of these documents.

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