Sep JohnBoy : Has the issue of why not Nxh4 been resolved? The Knight at f8 seems to me, as a former CK player, to be at the center of blacks problems. Sep Howard : For those of you who are wondering what tournament this game took place in, it was actually Linares not SuperGM

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PC is all the rage. I bought a PC in A dx2. The whole package. Which consisted of the same polygon stuff as it basically still is the same as it is today. This package costed me Dutch florins. The illusion we had to live in an illusion. To seperate our focus from our environment. Being controlled by a fantom. A meaningless reflection of what you once thought you were.

So to speak. As it was seen back then in ? And what do you know? Kasparov was selling Kasparov chess computers all over the place. In other words: computers are the bomb. If he had won no one would have been interested. As most people are not interested in chess in the first place.

Although their strength was -and is- pretty average. Or another conspiracy theory.. Well, de facto it is the symbolic submission to machinery However, Kaspy played so lousy it hardly was meant as a smokescreen, a masquerade. It was meant as a message to mankind: the gamer was born in submission! If you think about it.

The possession of the soul. A standard. Something set to live up to. Buy more and more Pink Floyd records lol It was an exposure as well, a declaration: the sacrifice of human intelligence was fulfilled. A symbolic event to clarify we -the human existence as we know it- are no longer the masters of our own destiny. Instead we have become nothing more ore less than matter to serve other more important matters.

The purpose of this concept remains unquestioned, however. You are free to follow the orders to which you have to obey. Let there be no doubt about; I address things exactly as I see they are. And I am convinced you cannot find a way around them. Otherwise I would not even write this; I am sick of your sentimental crap. Your pettiness. It was -so called- the sacrifice of the soul. Hahaha genius. Gotta love those concepts. A shrine.

Cell phones and tabs are your new bibles AKA altars whateverness. You carry them with you most of the time by now. You MUST obey to them. Given fact in particular. And download eh you know by now.. Again: a symbolic ritual. You are no longer the master of our own destiny.

Now you must believe the machines control you. And they do. Ironically enough. And buy Pink Floyd records, obviously. Unless you buy me a new swimming oool. You must obey. Being the WPE in this story I kinda thought it would be interesting letting you know.


Kasparov plays the Caro-Kann!‎

Nc3 or 3. Nd2 dxe4 4. Nxe4 Nd7. At one time named after the first world champion Wilhelm Steinitz , nowadays the variation is variously referred to as the Smyslov Variation after the seventh world champion Vasily Smyslov who played a number of notable games with it, the Karpov Variation, after the twelfth world champion Anatoly Karpov , in whose repertoire it appeared quite often, or, most commonly, the Modern Variation. The short-term goal of Play is similar to the Classical Variation except that Black has more freedom by delaying the development of his bishop, and is not forced to play it to the g6-square. However, this freedom comes at a cost as White enjoys added freedom in taking up space in the centre, and often plays the aggressive 5.


Caro–Kann Defence






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