This is terrific stuff Seriously, Knockemstiff is unrelentingly grim. The setting, the people, the stories described by Pollock are so depressed, so downtrodden, and so hopelessly trapped in a cycle of economic hardship and misery that reading this can truly mess with your wellbeing. However, despite the unpleasantness, this is just wonderful.

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Ask Knockemstiff A s photograph shows the town center of Knockemstiff, Ohio. How the hamlet got its name has long been a source of debate. It shows the exterior of a seemingly deserted general store, an old-fashioned gasoline pump dating it as decades old. Chaney, a resident of this unincorporated town since Publicity was not a good thing.

But Knockemstiff has been in the news lately. Pollock said from his home in Chillicothe, eight miles to the northeast. Medert said it quoted a resident saying that the origins dated far back, perhaps years, to an episode in which a traveling preacher came across two women fighting over a man.

Just as much a source of debate is when Knockemstiff actually became Knockemstiff. The historical society has a county road map from showing its existence, and one from that does not.

A Knockemstiff native, Lyle Johnson, 59, said there were about residents. Since Mr. There was an effort to start a Knockemstiff Hillbilly Bash music festival in mid-July, but it did not happen. Ball said a history professor at the Chillicothe campus of Ohio University was eager to know if she was a character in Mr. He said he had read the book and wanted to see for himself; Mr. Pollock said Mr. Gee even wanted to get his picture taken next to the sign.

Image Knockemstiff is the setting for a collection of violent stories. There are no stores or bars left in Knockemstiff, only the ruins of several, including one that was run by Mr. Souvenir hunters have taken whatever they can find. The only indication that this is a community with a history, and not just isolated rural homes, is Shady Glen Church of Christ in Christian Union. As Shady Glen climbs the hillside from Black Run, it turns increasingly remote until the paved road ends. There are houses dipping below and rising above road level.

In one, a modular home with a long wooden front deck, year-old Sue McRae, a retired worker at the county senior center in Chillicothe, sits and quietly smokes with a friend, Berl Sullivan, Neither has read Mr. McRae said she had learned about it while on the Internet communicating with her 11 children. Her online name is Knockemstiffmom.





What’s in a Name? Ask Knockemstiff


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