Most of the controls are located in an odd place beneath the keyboard so as to make room above the keyboard for a sheet-music stand. Some controls have bizarre names like Bender, Traveler and Expand for the auto-bend, filter and envelope, respectively. MiniKorg It has three ring modulators for some strange sounds and noises. The two oscillators can be de-tuned and they offer triangle, sawtooth and square waveforms.

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The MiniKorg was the first in a long line of Korg analogue instruments - a line that is still going strong today. Released in , the MiniKorg was an unusual instrument. Its relatively small number of controls were tucked below the keyboard, while a music stand was mounted to the flat top panel. Performance controls were nonexistent. The had no mod wheel, pitch lever or joystick - just the truncated note keyboard.

The subsequent s sported a handful of left-hand sliders and knobs for adjustment of its built-in effects. The initial MiniKorg offered a single oscillator, while the improved s provided a pair. Portamento and vibrato were offered on the MiniKorg , as were a pair of chorus effects.

The s upped the ante with three varieties of ring modulation. Conversely, it was also embraced by maestro of mellow music, Kitaro, who was still using the thing decades after he could afford more illustrious instruments.

The MiniKorg is, as yet, still to be officially reissued in either virtual or concrete forms. Yet its simple sound is not terribly difficult to reproduce, so one could quite easily make do with any number of the free or inexpensive virtual alternatives that do exist.

An interesting and unusual synth, the MiniKorg is still waiting to be reintroduced into the modern era. Along with the , you get all manner of old string machines and other assorted synths and noisemakers.

A custom interface is included for the latter, and the Logic version offers key-based waveform switching, velocity control over brightness and mod wheel influence over filters. Most Popular.


700S/Owner's Manual



Blast from the past: MiniKorg-700 and 700s


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