JoJozshura Please tell me what number bobbin model LSi should use. Improper packing or improper packing material could result lwi damage during shipping. Remove the presser foot holder and the needle. To secure the stitching, turn the kanual 90 degrees counterclockwise, set the pattern selection dial to the Straight Stitch with the desired length and sew to the edge of the front bar tack.

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Darning plate An English and Spanish instruction manual You will find most of these accessories can be stored in the built-in storage compartment at the front of the machine.

Brother: The Company The Brother company has been around for nearly years, albeit it in a different name. The company was founded as a sewing machine producer in Japan, Nagoya, under the name of the Yasui Sewing Machine Company. Since then, the company has made a point of expanding globally, branching out in many different technological ventures. However, sewing machines have always remained close to their heart.

In , the company had the honor of opening not only the largest single-company factory in the sewing machine world, they also produced their 50 millionth home sewing machine. They are represented globally in more than 45 countries.

Their website reflects that they prize themselves on a long history and their dedication to growth and sustainability. The Warranty The Brother Everyday sewing machine falls under the limited 25 year warranty, which is standard for most sewing machines.

The warranty insures that the machine and additional parts will arrive in functioning order. During the first year after purchase, Brother will replace or repair small parts. Electronic components and printed circuit boards enjoy a two year guarantee, while the chassis is insured for 25 years after purchase. Because the validity of your warranty is determined by your receipt date, it is recommended not to discard it. The 10 built-in stitch options mean beginners can get started on repairing and hemming clothes, curtains and a variety of other projects.

They make it possible to tackle satin, zigzag or straight, elastic, stretch and blind hem stitches. The buttonhole feature makes it easy to attach buttons to your project. Thread tension can be adjusted to your needs with a dial control. The traditional flat bed can be converted to a free arm, making it much easier to work on sleeves and the like. The model has a limited amount of stitches which are exceptionally well suited to the sort of day to day maintenance most users encounter.

As long as you take care of your machine, even more heavy-duty fabrics such as denim become a breeze. Many users report that Brother LSi is their go-to sewing machine when it comes to using fabrics such as denim, polyester, and many others. More adventurous or experienced users can try their hand at manual embroidery with the machine. The buttonhole feature is adjustable, meaning you can use different sizes of buttonholes for your projects. As long as you make sure they match the machine you have, switching between them as you work should be a snap.

Quilters who need to replace a machine or who are new to the craft should certainly consider this sewing machine. Thanks to the light weight of the machine, moving it has become an easy task. The overall simplicity of this sewing machine is its main selling point; it is mostly advertised as a beginner machine for this reason.

Some users report problems with the bobbin popping out or thread losing tension as they work. This most often has to do with inexperience with inserting the bobbin in the bobbin-case.

The light weight means it can easily be carried to class or to a more experienced friend, while it is stable enough to ensure a smooth working experience. The light price tag makes it a good testing machine to see if you would enjoy sewing as a hobby, without breaking the bank.


Brother LS 2125 Sewing Machine User Manual


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Brother LS-2125 Instruction Manual



Brother LS-2125i Instruction Manual



Brother LS2125i Everyday Sewing Machine Review


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