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The action is set in motion by three competing immortals, as pictured on the module cover: Koryis lawful god of peace , Vanya neutral goddess of battle , and Alphaks chaotic god of death. The unique mechanic in the adventure is that the immortals score points after each encounter based on PC actions, thereby determining who has power to intervene in other scenes.

The War Machine and Sea Machine extension is heavily used. Chapter 1, "Into the Maelstrom", is provoked by a toxic plague on Norworld; the PCs are mustered with a war fleet to attack the island barony of Qeodhar, thinking they are responsible. In actuality this is a trick by Alphaks. On the trip back, a huge whirlpool sucks the fleet into a far part of the galaxy!

Chapter 2, "Flight to the Star Kingdoms", is the longest chapter. The fleet now flies through a peculiar region of starry space that is magically filled with air. For example, instead of a cyclops island, there is an asteroid with a gargantuan beholder keeping his sheep in a cave. In Chapter 3, "For the Glory of the Warlords", the PCs deal with 3 star-kingdoms in the northern part of the space plus a merchant city and pirate port.

Each is detailed briefly with one planet, capital, leader, and military force. The PCs will almost certainly have to conquer one or two of the Star Kingdoms to cross the space to the magical exit on the far side. Chapter 4, "Back Into the Maelstrom", sees the PCs arrive with their fleet back at the island fortress of Alphaks off the coast of Norworld.

They engage a fleet of undead-crewed magical ironclads basically designed to automatically destroy their fleet. They must then personally penetrate the island, the underground port, pass the huge and deadly vortex to the Sphere of Death, and defeat Alphaks himself in the final chamber.

If they do so, a time warp is created such that the original invasion never actually occurred, and their fleet is safe back in its original port. As usual with the M-series, there are some very interesting ideas and mechanics, but often a very slipshod and rushed, non-playtested execution. The PC fleet keeps running out of food automatically just when a world requires it as a plot point.

One of the sky kingdoms has a fleet of flying "phaseships", decked out exactly like German submarines. So, this adventure has interesting ideas, but requires a huge amount of patience and flexibility on the part of the DM.

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Dugore Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. The introduction presents the backstory as well as describing the immortals that are working behind the scenes either for or against or both the characters. Will usually ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment — opens in a new window or tab. So you can basically kill off the entire fleet, you can develop these intense relationships between the characters and whichever members of the naval forces you want, and kill those guys off.

HP P3400 PDF

M1 - Into The Maelstrom

More specifically, the King of Norworld is having a problem with poisonous gases being sent over the sea. The the Baron of Qeodhar has sent two emissaries demanding that Norworld submit. King Ericall of Norworld is organizing an invasion force to put an end to this attack. And Norworld will probably be the playground for the armies and will be ravaged as a result. Character Levels This module is recommended for characters that at least 25th level with a total of a minimum of character levels. Very quickly characters will be pushed well beyond the original mission and into brand new realms. If they pay attention they can learn something of the origin of the Alphatian Empire on their planet.


It has grown for centuries and its might now overshadows the cauldron of civilization. Some say the Alphatians come from elsewhere, but no one knows for sure. Beyond the scope of mortals broods an evil mastermind, still in darkness. Once a betrayed emperor of ancient Alphatia, now an entity of the Sphere of Entropy, he seeks revenge on the greatest empire and on the race of man. His plots brought a deathly fog on all of Norwold. Perhaps it will extend to the southern nations. The matter is grave, so much that lords of the spheres have now to show their might.



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