C Rev. The helicopter deck. The helicopter hangar. Mustering area with life boats and safety equipment. The Living Quarters shall offer personnel protection and shelter, and shall be located in the safest place on the installation. It shall be protected from hazardous areas by external walls and roofs which are fire and blast resistant in accordance with results of risk and emergency preparedness analyses.

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The NORSOK standards are normally based on recognised international standards, adding the provisions deemed necessary to fill the broad needs of the Norwegian petroleum industry. Annex A is normative. The standard may also be used for mobile installations for which, however, other requirements may be applicable.

Latest issue of the references shall be used unless otherwise agreed. Other recognized standards may be used provided it can be shown that they meet or exceed the requirements of the referenced standards. Other discipline requirements related to the LQ are covered in the respective NORSOK standards and shall be integrated with the architectural design development to achieve a co-ordinated and optimal solution for the LQ area.

The LQ area room programme shall be developed for the LQ area early in the concept phase, based on relevant field- and operational information. It shall be continuously updated throughout all project phases. The room programme schedule in Annex A shall be used, where all relevant information shall be included.

It shall be protected from hazardous areas by external walls and roofs, which are fire and blast resistant in accordance with results of risk and emergency preparedness analyses. There shall be at least two exits to escape routes leading in different directions from each level in the LQ with at least one internal stairway linking all levels.

All rooms exceeding 20 m2shall have a minimum of two escape ways mutually located at opposite sides of the room. Doors to this room category shall open outwards from the room. Technical rooms may have hatches. Exposed elevations facing production and drilling areas shall have a minimum number of doors, windows and other penetrations.

Common toilets, washrooms, change and shower rooms shall be of adequate number, functionally arranged, and conveniently located in relation to workplaces, recreation and catering areas. Divisions to common toilets shall be continuous from floor to ceiling. Steam piping, exhaust pipes or similar shall not be routed through personnel accommodation or in the corridors leading to such rooms, except where these are enclosed in appropriate fully welded casings.

Steam piping, water pipes, tanks or similar shall be insulated against heat or cold in accordance with recognised standards. This includes start-up, drilling, production, as well as periods of planned production shutdown for modifications and maintenance, etc. In this respect, the operator shall perform necessary analyses in the conceptual phase, in order to verify the required manning level.

The LQ shall be furnished and equipped for persons of both sexes, with separate rooms for women and men as needed. Areas requiring quietness shall be particularly protected from noise and vibrations.

Special attention shall be given to the location of the helideck relative to the LQ accommodation areas, with regard to potential noise from helicopters during take off, landing and hovering. Noisy and vibrating equipment and machinery shall not be located in close proximity to the LQ accommodation areas. The sound reduction properties of the whole LQ construction, including window and door assemblies, shall be evaluated during the engineering phase.

The objective shall be to ensure and verify that the maximum sound level inside the accommodation areas is in compliance with the specific requirements as stated in NORSOK S It shall be verified that the window and door assemblies tested including frames are identical to the actual assemblies planned to be installed.

As a minimum, windows shall be provided in dining rooms, main recreation room s , work places that will be in use for more than 6 h per working day, and the majority of cabins. In recreation areas, larger windows floor to ceiling shall be provided, if possible. Minimum area for double cabin, inclusive bathroom unit: 12 m2 Double cabins shall be equipped for a maximum of two persons.

The areas shall include the bathroom and service void. Where two cabins share a service void, half of the service void area shall be included in each of the cabin areas. Where two cabins share a common entry lobby, half of the entry lobby area shall be included in each of the cabin areas.

Where two cabins share a common bathroom, half of the bathroom area shall be included in each of the cabins. The cabins should be grouped together on dedicated floor levels or in separate corridors private domain away from traffic areas and noisy activities communal domain.

Each cabin type shall be standardised.


NORSOK C-001, Living Quarters Area



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