Its starting to look a lot like Christmas! Gents I have a Potterton 60F Prima balanced flue gas boiler that keeps cutting out. Pressing and holding the reset button will get the flame back but as soon as I take my finger off the button it cuts out. The boiler at this point is only warm however and is certainly not over-hot.

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You have the same BM that I have but a different boiler. Click to expand Thinking back, you are right. I only used the immersion for hot water so that I could have a shower. Before I went to bed I turned off the immersion and then ran the heating circuit for 10mins to push the heat into the house.

An electric fan heater will probably have to be used to heat the house if the boiler breaks down again in the next few months. My old system is running fine just now yes I know it could fail anytime and I can see the attraction of instant hot water, a powerful shower and fairly fast radiator heat-up that it offers. This means that you can have your BM and boiler replaced separately when they fail.

The only additional thing that the BM has over this store is two circuit boards. One does boiler pump overrun, to extract the last bit of heat from the boiler once the boiler is off. The other turns the CH pump on every 40 hours for a few seconds so that the pump does not seize over the summer. I could not see the same features on the AA store, but maybe I missed it. The BM circuit boards seem a bit overkill to be honest. If you get another thermal store, install two magnetic filters on the returns CH and boiler.

And in terms of keeping it all limping along whilst I save my pennies, does anyone have any recommendations? Next summer drain the store and refill with 2L of X for a few days, turning the CH on to circulate. The BM works ok and is easy to understand. There are two common problems with it though. Firstly, if you look at the header tank, you will see a small bore pipe on the right that leads into the store. That can get blocked by the sludge that accumulates over time in the store.

If that happens you will need to fill it through the larger thermal expansion pipe on the left of the header tank with a hose.

Another problem is buzzing from the circuit boards that occurs when the capacitors eventually dry out. This does not affect their operation but is just annoying. Most of my neighbours have replaced their BMs with combis. I would probably have done the same by now but my house has a slightly different layout so the biggest issue I have is 22mm gas supply to the boiler from the gas meter which will involve lots of routing work for the installer.


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The fan would start then stop, start then stop and keep repeating this for some time before the boiler would fire up. In the case of this Prima 80F the fan had been cycling on and off every 4 or 5 seconds. The fan was running, but very slowly. Because the fan was running a long way under speed even though the supply voltage was fine, we changed the fan. Potterton Prima 80F boiler with multiple faults For more than a year this boiler had been slow to complete the ignition cycle and fire up Above and below, both sides of the Prima F air pressure switch APS The new fan ran much faster but promptly started cycling on and off again, every few seconds, without completing the ignition cycle.


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