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View on Amazon! You can sew up buttons quickly and easily in only four steps. There are also eight stitches which you can use in your future sewing projects. Because the is a machine used by rookies, you might attempt to start sewing everything you want without checking out the tension of the thread, or even its feed height — This is a mistake made by most inexperienced sewers. Since the thread gets jammed up eventually, or why the lower thread has managed to appear on the other side of the fabric, you will soon want to find out why stuff like this happens.

This includes adjusting the tension, the various kinds of presser feet, the feed height, and so much more. And as you become an expert later on, you could upgrade that Singer sewing machine of yours and get one with more functions and parts. Read Customer Reviews on Amazon! Other brand of sewing machines, such as the Juki TLQi, have the tendency to become fiddly the more you use it — Especially in regards to placing the most simple attachments, including button holes and zipper feet.

But with the , everything just falls into place. This machine is highly intuitive — Everything is already placed where you expect them to be. No fancy stuff is found here, as compared to modern sewing machines. If you plan on sewing through several layers of fabric, or a thick layer of denim or velvet, then you might want to switch to another machine for that.

The manual that comes with the machine can help you troubleshooting the machine, or how to solve common sewing machine problems such as thread jamming or bobbin jamming.

It also teaches you the basics of learning how to operate a sewing machines, the various stitching patterns that come with the machine, and what kind of needles should you use for every fabric, etc. The manual can also guide you one step at a time through usage and setting up. Follow the instructions made specifically for threading and bobbins, so you can get the idea of how the machine works. The Singer is recommended for rookie users, and small DIY projects. It is not meant for quilting or heavy duty repairs.


Singer 8280 Sewing Machine User Manual



My Review of the Singer 8280



Singer 8280 Máquina de coser


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