Shelves: punching-tour , reviewed Did you ever wish that Boogie Nights was a book set in the time of the fall of the Aztec empire? I find it apropos to quote the GR summary of the book to give you a basic outline of what you might expect to find "under the covers" of this novel. This was obviously written by someone who decided not to actually read the book, but wanted to guess what it was about quotes added for emphasis : Here is the "extraordinary" story of the last and "greatest" native civilization of North America, at the "height" of its "magnificent" sic. It is a story told in the words of one of the most "robust" and memorable characters in modern fiction. His name is Mixtil--Dark Cloud. So much is lost in translation.

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Plot introduction[ edit ] Marco is the only heir to the wealthy Polo family of Venice. Unsupervised, he freely roams the streets and canals of the city getting in trouble. When he is falsely accused of murdering the husband of his lover, he is exiled from Venice and travels east with his father and uncle to the court of Kublai Khan , Mongol emperor of the orient.

Marco remains in the empire for nearly twenty years and returns home as a wealthy man. His adventures become legendary. Plot summary[ edit ] Marco Polo is the last of the illustrious Polo family left in Venice, after his father and uncles moved abroad, leaving him and his mother behind. His mother dies when he is seven, and he becomes increasingly unruly as he is raised by family servants like Zia Zulia, and their black slave Michiel. Marco becomes even more uncontrollable when Zia Zulia and Michiel are caught sleeping together and subsequently run away.

This section is empty. You can help by adding to it. December Characters[ edit ] Marco Polo — protagonist and narrator: a Venetian merchant who travels east to China and becomes a courtier in the Mongol court of Kubilai Khan. He loves to speak in parables. He spends the rest of his life an invalid. Kubilai Khan — The Khan of all Khans. He admires the Han culture. Soon after the Polos arrive in his capital, Kubilai takes a liking to young Marco and shows him favor.

He is later given his freedom by Marco and marries the former Turki princess Mar-Janar. She is a deaf-mute who dies in childbirth. Marco befriends Doris and her brother Ubaldo. Before he leaves for his journey, Marco and Doris make love. Marco later marries her daughter who is half his age when he finally returns to Venice 20 years after leaving. She introduces Marco to many of the Persian pleasures of the bedroom. For that good deed mitzvah , Marco receives help from other Jewish people all throughout his travels.

The text hints heavily that these men, who all have a similar appearance, are Tzadikim Nistarim.


[PDF] The Journeyer Book by Gary Jennings Free Download (1024 pages)

These sprawling works, sometimes reaching , words, are packed with violence, braggadocio and vivid sex scenes. Gary Jennings usually structures his historical novels around a narrator who comes of age in the vicissitudes of the story and then takes his or her life lessons into an adulthood fraught with danger and sexual escapade. Moe in Twentieth-Century Historical Writers. Copywriter and account executive for advertising agencies, New York City, ; newspaper reporter in California and Virginia, Military: U.


The Journeyer



The Journeyer by Gary Jennings


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