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You noticed and ordered me not to follow you to run east and west. Finally, there were an official bright red seal and both of our signatures. I, a two-year college graduate frantically searching for a job and repeatedly suffering from failure, had fallen in love with a person that was a man. Nightfall Nightfall Chapter As a result, the content of this part-time job would make thousands of lovestruck young girls indecently drool: His gentle smile radiated from the corner of his eyes in between his eyebrows, it was very lethal especially at the time when I was lost in the desert filled with emotion, a drop of water was very precious to me not to mention that he generously gave me a bottle. Time was really flying fast, my 30th birthday had passed and in less than two years your 30th birthday came.

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Please use the follow button to get notification about the latest chapter next time when you visit NovelOnlineFull. Use F11 button to read novel in full-screen PC only. Drop by anytime you want to read free — fast — latest novel. In just the first year, the company said that in order to raise my reputation, I needed to tour around the country to promote a new film that had just been finalized, poor me, I had just finished filming the last few scenes in the desert.

Fortunately, along the way I had you accompany me, taking care of me in every possible way, if not for that I think I would probably be halfway running back to our home, and no longer become a subject to capitalist oppression.

Your matters, basically if you wanted to hide them from me, it would be very difficult. I used my righteous and stern words to talk with the Propaganda Department of the company to reduce the publicity period, we were able to come home a week earlier than the original plan, just as you entered through the door, you were very tired and wanted to directly go to sleep, I needed to coax and advise you before you reluctantly agreed to take a bath.

While waiting for you to come out, I noticed that a thin piece of paper fell out from your personal pocket, I picked it up and opened it to take a look: It was a small map with detailed information about the several places I had been visiting, including the local climate, the food, the hotel we were staying in addition to my schedule and my eating habits. With your scribbled handwriting you carefully recorded every place that you needed to pay attention to, like how I could not get too tired, how I would be able to eat, to sleep soundly, to live comfortably, to travel without any worries and so on and so on, the size of the small folded piece of paper was no bigger than the palm of a hand, but, as I held it in my hand, I actually felt that it was——very heavy.

When I wiped your legs, I held the sensitive part between your legs, gently and slowly rubbing it, you started to struggle but soon you completely leaned on my body, and panting.

The thing in my hands was getting harder and hotter. I wholeheartedly wanted to make you even more comfortable, I slowed down the movements of my hand, I used my teeth to gently bite the provoking cornelian cherry on your chest, your body was coated with a thin layer of light red, you were truly beautiful. Finally, your back stiffened and you reached your climax in my hands, your soft and powerless body then collapsed into my chest, I felt that you completely depended on me, that made me feel good and made me lost in thought.


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