808 #16 V2 MANUAL PDF

Will the 16 record an audio only file? Then you can de-multiplex the video file to extract the audio stream into an audio file. See "de-multiplexing the MOV file". It seems that all the video stream frames and all the audio stream is recorded to the MOV file.

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Prices are typical for cameras delivered from a seller in China to the US. See below "who should I buy from". Weighs about 16g. I submitted a "not as described" dispute at eBay and got a full refund from the seller.

For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1. Lots of function configuration options. Weighs about 19g. Buy a real There are fakes. A real 16 camera uses H. Does not have 4 LED holes in the case. Has almost no missing frames. Has a high bad missing frame rate. If a camera has a p image sensor it is not a p camera.

A p camera has a p or larger image sensor. Available date: TBD. Photos 3. Larger and heaver 39g than a typical Same producer as the Released for sale Larger and heavier 37g than a typical Takes photos.

Lightest p camera at about 17g. Without case and without battery, about 6 grams, hence good for small RC. MJPEG video codec.

Some JPG artifacts. Data rate is huge. How can I get "customer service" or contact the camera producer? There are forums for many cameras where users help other users with questions so try to get your questions answered there. Some eBay sellers are also the camera producer.

To contact a producer, send an eBay message with your business proposal or question. What can I do to fix it? Easy thing to try first without opening the case. Press the reset button. Try a different USB cable common problem.

Try a different computer USB port. Try a different computer. Flash card - Try reformatting the card. Try a different card. Most cameras work with a class 4 card, but faster than class 4 usually does not help. A slow card can cause a an increased missing frame rate and sudden video termination. Benchmark i. Crystal Disk Mark the flash card to verify it is fast enough.

Some generic or unbranded cards are slow. Difficult things to try that require the case to be opened two screws. Inspect all the components for foreign matter, broken wires, bad solder joints or parts that have broken off. Crystals - The crystals silver or black can with two wires are difficult to hand solder, repel solder and the solder joints have been defective and intermittent. The solder joints might need to be re-soldered using solder flux.

Great micro soldering skill is required and disconnect the camera power while solderiing. Battery issues - If the does not respond to any button press there might be a battery module problem or a battery charging problem. Sometimes the battery module needs to be reset. If the battery module has a connector, disconnect it and reconnect it. Then try to charge the battery. See "what about the battery" below.

How are some cameras better? How the camera hunts for exposure and white balance can also vary. What version is my camera? Compare a video frame from your camera to frames in this table , or try this table. When trying to identify your camera version, only use a video that you made with your What is the video quality like? The video quality varies from very good to fair. The quality can be what you would expect from a medium quality cell phone but not what you would expect from a Canon or Nikon digital camera.

Quality is reduced in the design of some versions to reduce cost in the following ways. Plastic lenses. Poor quality control in badly soldered hand-soldered parts. Marketing pressure to falsify a high resolution by up-scaling images, increasing the data streams with no increase in quality.

A very slow card can sometimes lower the video quality. If the camera data rate is more than the card can write, a data overrun can occur. The overrun might cause an increased missing frame rate or other problem. A class 4 or faster card is recommended, but faster than class 4 usually does not improve things, and some class 10 cards have been known to cause some problems. Use Crystal Disk Mark to measure the K random write speed and if it is less than 1. A K random write speed of 1.

The light weight of the means that you can expect a lot of video camera shake distortion when hand held. Mount the camera to something or add some weight to it to reduce this problem.

Search YouTube for " camera" to see hundreds of sample videos from various versions. Some cameras have spatial or temporal video quality problems. Spatial problems are confined to each image frame. Some problems can be fixed in post-processing. These problems include compression artifacts, white balance hunting, over saturated colors, video noise, vignetting, narrow FOV field-of-view , aspect ratio distortion and strange "terraced" colors.

Some wide angle lenses have fisheye distortion. Broken connections in the parallel data path can cause strange color problems. The focus might not be where you want it. Focus can be factory set for infinity, or less than infinity, or more than infinity blurry. Sometimes the focus can be adjusted by turning the lens barrel, but this can also damage the camera. Temporal time problems involve frame to frame issues. These include missing frames, a low FPS, non-compliant video format that is difficult to play or edit.

Slow shutter time can cause motion blur and a high missing frame rate. The "rolling shutter" of most cameras combined with mechanical vibration or horizontal movement can cause distortion known as the "Jell-O effect". Some versions have better processors. A larger image sensor requires even more processor power. If the processor power is low the frame rate might be lower, the video playback might periodically freeze and stutter and jerk, and the video image might have a blocky or paint-by-number look due to excessive compression.

If the processor is underpowered the frame rate, the missing frame rate and the compression can all be terrible. Who should I buy from? The buying risk is yours.

Buy an camera from a seller that lists the version number and is a reliable seller with a high feedback rating. Do not buy an camera if the seller does not list the version number because you can expect to get anything including the worst possible version. When you receive the camera test it to verify that you received what was described. This is not a complete list and is subject to change: Sellers are from China, USA, and other counties. The lowest cost cameras are usually from sellers in China.


Camera #1 Software Architecture

Prices are typical for cameras delivered from a seller in China to the US. See below "who should I buy from". Weighs about 16g. I submitted a "not as described" dispute at eBay and got a full refund from the seller. For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1. Lots of function configuration options.


How to Use 808 #16 Key Chain Camera Manual and Wiki

The keychain micro-camera provides a fully functional digital camera and video recorder small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. Super mini size, only around 50mm L x 32mm W x13mm H Super light-weighted: only approx 17g! You just need a new battery and change it! New Lens and totally new circuit board design. Low battery buzzing artifact in video -Gone!


808 Key Chain Camera Not Working – Basic Troubleshoot and Fix


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