They wanted to achieve trimmed flight with the elevons close to neutral position, at best glide. Both the evo designs always required a little trim to get it right. Basically, they took the best characteristics of the EVO airfoils and attempted to merge them, and at the same time thickness was reduced for the alula-TREK and camber was adjusted lightly as getting closer to the wingtip. But this was a balance, since they did not want to affect the flight performance and style much. In the end these changes, in their opinion made the design better in flight too.

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It was well packaged and in good order and reasonably priced. I have since assembled it and found the instructions to be very easy to understand. All that remains is to be done is , the CG balance, trim and applying the decals. The bird is already looking like an eagle. Only used one day so far. Slope soaring in crazy winds and crazy turbulente. Can take a lot of beating.

Now with taped leading edge and reinforced front part of canopy it will take even more beating. This already one of my favourites. Really good manual. The go-anywhere performance from this little bundle of fun is evident from the videos, but in spite of its cheapness, ease of build and being virtually indestructible, the Alula is not perhaps the best model for a beginner.

For a start, although it is a DLG in the sense that this is the only way to get it into the air, you cannot expect to achieve the launch heights or ease of handling of, say, an Elf.

I am amazed that one reviewer claims to get metres launch height. As the Alula is tailless, the relationship between CG and elevon angle is obviously extremely sensitive and some experimentation is necessary to find the ideal settings, which to some extent will be down to personal preferences - but get it slightly wrong and you will have your hands full of self-induced oscillations. May still need to fine-tune mine. Although each wing is secured by a tiny screw, the addition of tape on the fueslage-wing join gives considerably more security.

I bought the Alula as a bit of light relief from the more serious business of Snipes and, with a few reservations, early flights indicate it should give me what I want - but because of limited launch height, I suspect that most fun will be had as a light wind sloper. In my opinion it is over priced and really not as nicely moulded as you would expect for the price. My kit was missing one of the small nuts for the wing clamps and one of the wings had damage to the leading edge.

I was a bit disappointed and not really too excited with the kit. Ive made good and now glued the wings together.. Would just like to add that Hyperflight delivered quickly and the packaging was excellent as usual..

The model was well packaged and arrived undamaged. However there were no clevises in the kit. An email to Neil brought a quick response and two clevises were soon with me. The kit assembles quickly and the fit and finish of the parts is excellent. The instruction manual is comprehensive, very clear and very easy to follow. I bought a Hyperflight mAh battery and it fits just fine.

It too is well assembled and the lead is heavy duty, a quality product. The Alula is fully assembled and the control movements set as per the manual. I am happy to say the Alula is certainly on my recommended list! I am amazed how good this model is at inverted flight and outside loop manoeuvres - great fun to fly, and it makes a very refreshing change from more serious conventional gliders I am used to. I got a spare battery too. I have flown from the slope so far in winds 8 - 18 mph, using 28g ballast at the windier end.

It is well worth paying very close attention to control throws and rates. Recommended: use minimum throws for launching and thermalling. Prior to flying, I was initially concerned regarding range and battery life. No worries so far, the mAh gives me at least 2 hours flying and is probably good for nearly 3 with my set-up.

RGF range is fine too, I have had the model a "speck" in a thermal off the slope. After a quick call to inform hyperflight i was accused of stripping the gears on installation! I bought from hyperflight because they have a good reputation for customer service! I was also informed that this servo has had many complaints because it is so fragile! An extremely well thought out design, with excellent instructions to complete the short and enjoyable assembly process.

After assembly, the balance was pretty spot on; to get it perfect, all I needed was a British 5p between the battery and receiver. And the flying? I am a new RC pilot, so please take my comments in perspective: the Alula is very very sensitive in pitch, but once you have mastered the hands on pitch adjustment required whilst flying, it is awesome. Sidearm method of launching is natural, and my 4th launch in the U.

Be careful on cliff flying, as I was getting confident and flying it in close enough to catch by hand, but as it weighs nothing, it is susceptible to any turbulence, resulting in a nose first high speed accident. No damage! Go buy, go fly, go high! Ideal for calm winds and gentle flying. Gets pushed around in anything over 8 mph. Ive ended up gluing the wings in place as the fixings were poor as were the hatch magnets. CG is uber critical and the trim very sensitive.

Very good entry into gliding and slope flying though. Less input the better! I can easily get m launch. Packs up very nicely and compact. Good build and foam quality. I have been able to get it to about 10 meters, but the construction cannot withstand the presure and stress from the swing. I have had to resecure the spar it came loose from the plastic that should keep it in place , re-glue the horn on the elevons and the wings keep fluttering going loose from the magnets - and, yes, this is with tape on the wing.

The problem seems to be the detachable wings - a construction that is very weak and puts pressure on the bars, horns and spars during launch. But as this is a major plus compact I do not want to permanently fix the wings in order to mend the launch problem. In conclusion: performance from flat field is weak at best due to the launch problem. Still this is a better glider than the Libelle which is absolutely awful , but none of them offers the flat field performance that you get from even an over-weighted DLG.

Had the mk1 and thought it was time to replace it, and I was not disappointed. Built in a few hours at the most and out to the slope for a perfect maiden!!

The new version is even more delightful to build, taking about 45 minutes from start to finish. The only problem was the supplied 4. Need some better weather and a chance to put the trimming flights to the test in earnest. Very pleased so far. Review by: Grendel Best beginner plane EVER I went through a number of dlg planes hk mini, dreamflight libelle but Alula Trek after few hours of getting used to proven to be the most reliable, the most roughbust plane I ever had.

Can take a lot of beating, can survive adding more and more pennies to the nose as a balast i noticed that the CoG is actually a bit further to the nose than recommended -takes 3 pennies to balance right with HiTec Minima receiver on board :. What a brilliant little glider, easy to put together and very portable with the wings and tail simply disconnecting. But the best thing is how unbelievably tough it is. Had a couple of very hard nose first landings and it shakes them off without any damage.

Gives you great confidence and means you can fly virtually anywhere. Flying is a joy, on a flat field with a slight breeze it just floats, with a bit of ballast on a slope it can handle a decent breeze and stays up forever.

Has completely sold me on DLG. It does go fine in harder conditions but as the excellent instructions point out you will need to add a bit of ballast. The service from Hyperflight is second to none and I highly recommend them.

And just as well. It was too windy for the elf, and the Alula allowed me two blissful slope soaring sessions. The assembly on site is blisteringly quick and simple the aileron push rods can fall off when assembling so keep an eye out there and the plane took some very dramatic crashes with only the slightest of marks. I am very glad I purchased one and would urge you to too.

This is my third Alula, and it has definitely improved in several ways. Great fun even on a flat field, but on a slope , in light wind , it comes into its own.

The build is super easy too. The kit is well presented and everything fits so build is easy and quick. Not sure how robust the magnet connectors on the wing will work out but will probably reinforce with tape.

Like the colourful decal set an improvement on the original. I have not been disappointed. The kit goes together seamlessly and the manual deserves every bit of praise it gets. Maiden had the rates far too high refer to the manual , and the dunes were a bit turbulent to properly enjoy this bird, but I am reassured that it was the purchase to make for the summer. Time shall tell how it fares. Related Categories.


Alula-TREK kit

I opted to use just a permanent marker for color to reduce weight. I used an Azarr microantenna, which I embedded in the LE of the wing prior to the glassing process. Best of luck to you and your project! Nice little glider, I think it would do very well at slope soaring.


alula glider


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