New York City subway station interior. Anthony Velonis — was an American painter and designer born in New York City who helped introduce the public to silkscreen printing in the early 20th century. While employed under the federal Works Progress Administration, WPA during the Great Depression, Velonis brought the use of silkscreen printing as a fine art form, referred to as the "serigraph," into the mainstream. By his own request, he was not publicly credited for coining the term.

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Exhibitions , University Gallery Long considered as a commercial method of print production, the silkscreen process received a new appreciation in the mids, when artist Anthony Velonis, tasked by New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia with a project to promote the city government, embraced the silkscreen method to produce posters that publicized administrative projects in the city. In February of , the University Gallery held an exhibition of the silkscreen process and works created by it.

An exhibition catalog at left was produced by the Gallery using the print method, and includes an overview of the art form, and a step-by-step description of the process. University faculty, students, and Gallery employees utilized the silkscreen process to produce exhibition posters and catalogs that promoted the frequently changing exhibitions held in the Gallery. The work of University student Homer Mitchell is outlined in a previous post.

This work was representative of the curriculum of the Department of Art, part of the College of Science, Literature, and the Arts. Presentation Techniques. A study of the communication of visual ideas in the fields of exhibition techniques, illustration, and advertising.

Source materials available in the nature and tradition and creative use of media are explored as part of the problem of organization. Art 73f. Elementary problems in presentation using the limitations of the media as a starting point… Art 74w. Discussions and Readings in Area of Visual Communication. Workshop problems in photomechanical and related print processes, air brush, and mixed graphic techniques… Art75s.


Anthony Velonis

Size: Sound recordings: 1 sound tape reel ; 7 in. Transcript: 38 p. Format: Originally recorded on 1 sound tape reel. Reformatted in as 1 digital wav file. Duration is 1 hr. Transcript Preface The following oral history transcript is the result of a tape-recorded interview with Anthony Velonis on October 13, You mentioned family out in the shop.


The WAM Files

Early life[ edit ] Velonis was born into a relatively poor background of a Greek immigrant family and grew up in the tenements of New York City. Early on, he took creative inspiration from figures in his life such as his grandfather, an immigrant from the mountains in Greece , who was "an ecclesiastical painter, on Byzantine style. He eventually received a scholarship to the NYU College of Fine Arts , into which he was both surprised and ecstatic to have been admitted. Around this time he took to painting, watercolor, and sculpture, as well as various other art forms, hoping to find a niche that fit.

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