It is the responsibility of the flight crew to be familiar with the contents of this manual. This manual is subject to revisions re-issues which will be automati- cally distributed to all holders of the manual. It is the responsibility of the operator to assure that the revisions re-issues are incorporated into the manual upon receipt. At the beginning of the manual there is the Record of Revision table that shows all pages of the manual which have been revised as well as number, subject and approval reference of each revision. The revision symbol identifies the addition of new information, a change of procedure, the correction of an error, or a rewording of the previous information.

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The PWC engine is a lightweight, free turbine, turboshaft engine incorporating a single-stage centrifugal compressor driven by a single stage compressor turbine. Metered fuel is sprayed into the reservoir flow annular combustion chamber through twelve 12 individual fuel nozzles mounted around the gas generator case. Flight controls The flight control systems provide the the correct control responses when the pilot makes control selections, giving him positive control of the attitude, speed and altitude of the helicopter.

The AE incorporates conventional helicopter flight controls: collective, cyclic and antitorque operated by cockpit controls: collective pitch lever, cyclic stick and tail rotor pedals. Electrical system driven by the engine, reverts into a dc generator providing the The electrical system is powered by single wire circuit with common necessary 28 V dc power. The inverters require 28 V dc power input suppied by the dc main bus no.

When the AP is activated the different hold modes can be engaged by their corresponding buttons. Master avionics switch 2. Engine No. Fuel crossfeed switch 4. Pitot heat no. Copilot wiper switch 4. Pilot wiper switch 5. Inverter no.

Interior light knobs 8. Landing gear control lever 2. Landing gear control mode select switch 3. Parking brake handle 4. Landing gear annunciators 5. When the ECS is active Engine no. Search light control knob 5. Nose wheel lock: ON lever up. Parking brake: ON pull out and turn.


Leonardo (AgustaWestland) AW139

Dat The Category A takeoff and landing performance application completes the practical software solutions for pilots in their performance flight planning. ESG Initiatives and Awards. Within this there is already a weight and balance calculator which also includes a brand new engine power assurance check application. Manusl Catalogue has been conceived as one of the main initiatives Leonardo Helicopters is putting in place to enhance flight safety in respect of the HeliOffshore collaborative approach i. STEM e cittadinanza scientifica. The Category A takeoff and landing performance application fllght the practical software solutions for pilots in their performance flight planning.


AW139 - Flight Manual, POH


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