HOT cover! To be released 24th May 16th August Bring it! And now, strangely, I think he kind of looks like the guy on the cover. Loves me some Fuentes brothers! Now, about Chain Reaction….

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They were even more shocked when they found out they were having three boys. Life has been eventful for them over the last eighteen years, with triplets who are distinctly different from one another. Juan is a gamer and an avid reader, preferring to live out his adventures in fantasy worlds created by game designers. He is competitive and hot-tempered, which reminds Luis of Carlos. Junior is a charismatic and good-looking kid. When he walks into a room, heads turn—reminding Luis of Alex. Unfortunately, Junior is also too smart and cocky for his own good, which reminds Luis of himself at eighteen.

Junior is also an incredible athlete. At the age of five he begged his parents for hockey skates after watching the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup. At the age of ten, he was playing goalie for the AAA travel hockey team. Junior wants to win this game badly. He knows college scouts will be attending, and he desperately hopes to play college hockey and eventually get drafted into the NHL. Junior came to the rink early today so he can run drills before the other players take the ice. He sits on the locker room bench after stripping off his street clothes.

This is going to be the biggest game of his hockey career. He knows it, and his family knows it. All of his uncles and cousins are coming to the game … even Uncle Carlos and Aunt Kiara have flown in with his cousins from Colorado to attend the game.

It will be one hell of a night, ending with him either celebrating his ass off with a win or depressed as hell with a loss.

Junior reaches into his hockey bag to pull out his equipment just as a girl barges into the locker room—without knocking. The hot mamacita standing in the doorway has long, straight hair that falls in her face and thick, pouty lips that belong on a movie star. Junior had played on the same team with Jacoby when they were kids.

Now they were opponents from rival high schools who were about to play against each other in the state championships. Jacoby was in the news recently because he was handpicked by the Olympic hockey coach to try out for the US Olympic team. The girl sets down the bag and pads in the middle of the room, right in front of his. Jacoby broke his leg? And the other locker room is being cleaned for the next half hour … I guess there was a peeing contest in there when the Pee Wee league played this morning.

They told me to dress in here. Just keep your eyes to yourself. My name is Franchesca Yates … Frankie for short.

He likes confidence in a girl, but this one needs to be brought down a peg. Part of playing hockey is psyching out your opponents before the game and talking trash during the game.

Her fist lands solidly on his lip. She obviously has brothers who taught her how to fight. She backs away and shrugs. You know, that little state that breeds NHL players. Hockey is in our blood. Who the hell was she, anyway? Junior points to her. A lesson. The last thing Junior wants is to be taught a lesson by the goalie of his rival team. Junior watches her long, blond ponytail sway back and forth against the name YATES on the back of her jersey as she struts down the corridor to the ice.

After Luis and his brothers exchange knowing looks, they laugh. Luis met Nikki when he was fifteen, fell in love with her when he was eighteen, and married her when he was twenty-three. Passionate, intense relationships are common in their family, and the older Fuenteses know it. As soon as Junior takes the ice, Alex pats Luis on the shoulder. With her on your team, your family is bound to win the annual Panty Discus tournament.

They have no clue their mother, sitting next to their stepfather, Cesar, tears up every time her boys and their families get together. Their troubled, painful past has been behind them for a while now … … and the future of the Fuentes family looks brighter than ever.

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