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The Significance of Maghamaasam Month The month in which Moon will be at or nearer to the constellation of Makhah Maghah nakshathra on the full moon day that month is calculated as Maagha maasam. The Lord is also worshiped through the medium of Yagna. Ma means not present and Agham means sin, evil, suffering, grief and Maagha masam is the month which is highly meritorious, auspicious and free from any sin or suffering. Lord Maha Vishnu in the name of Maadhava is the presiding deity who governs Maagha Masam and to be worshiped.

Maagha masam the eleventh month as per Hindu lunar calendar is considered as an auspicious month for performing marriages, upanayanam, Gruha Pravesam, Aksharabhyasam etc.

Prominent days of Maagha masam During Maagha masam we find several significant and sacred days to be celebrated. To begin with Goddess Saraswathi, the presiding deity of of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom is said to have born on this auspicious day of Sri Panchami. It occurs on the seventh day Sapthami of Magha Masam during sukla paksha.

Bheeshmaastami is associated with Bheeshma Pitamaha the most revered and grandiose character of the great Epic Mahabharata. It was on this day Bheeshma breathed his last and this day is commemorated as the day of his Niryaana. Sri Madhva Navami falling on the 9th day of Lunar month of Magha Masam during the bright fortnight is associated with Sri Madhwacharya one of the greatest Hindu Saints and Philosophers who was the founder and exponent of Dvaita Philosophy.

It is said that it was on this day in the year AD, Sri Madhvacharya while teaching his disciples at Udupi Sri Anantheshwara Temple, suddenly a heap of flowers were showered on him and he disappeared from that heap of flowers not to be seen later.

It is considered as the day He entered the Badarikasrama. Maagha Pournami the full moon day in Maagha masam is celebrated as Maha Maaghi. This day marks the end of Maagha Snana vratham. It is said and believed that any Divine worship, prayer, charity or rites performed on this day are highly meritorious that gives significant results.

Thilapaathra Danam is prescribed to be given to a Brahmin on this day of Mahamaaghi. Taking bath in a sea on this day is considered as highly meritorious. Worshiping Lord Shiva on this day of Maha Shivarathri is considered as highly meritorious and sin remover. Special celebrations are held on the eve of Maha Shivarathri at all the holy Shiva Kshetras where lakhs of people gather to offer their obeisance and salutations to Lord Shiva the great destroyer of sins and the most benevolent God.

Maagha Bahula Amaavasya associated with Satabhisha star is considered as highly sacred and meritorious. Vasanth panchami and Radhasapthami are already over and we shall give more information regarding the other important days of this Holy Month.

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