The evaluation of the general inspection results concerning typical deficiencies of individual vehicle models with regard to mileage as well as comparison within their vehicle class provided a specific guideline for deciding in favor of or against a particular model on the used car market. However, the quality of the assessments contained in the report hinges on the validity of the data from the general inspection evaluation. In recent years, DEKRA had already responded to this and has adapted the system used for the used car report several times. In this category, vehicle models that were less than three years old were taken out of the ranking and assessed only to a limited extent. In , we then changed how the winners in the vehicle classes were determined.

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Arashisho This leather bag, in orient brown, features a laptop compartment and various other inside pockets, while a canvas shoulder strap enhances carrying comfort. Realised as a 1: The extraordinary headlights, with their colour scheme and determined look, convey a sense of sportiness and readiness to leap forward. Das haben die Leser der Fachzeitschrift Off Road jetzt entschieden Opel auf dem Podium And with appropriate accessories from Mercedes-Benz, such outings can be made even more enjoyable.

In the transversally positioned rear silencer of the twin-pipe exhaust system there are two flaps that can be opened and closed pneumatically depending on the engine speed. The resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree of viewing angle ensures a needle-sharp image. The Mercedes-Benz concept car perfectly embodies the design philosophy of sensual purity. Detailed service records available? The aim is to create clear contours and gebrajchtwagenreport surfaces that showcase high tech while radiating emotional appeal.

For more information, please visit www. Tire Fill Alert Watts Watts: Dual Front Active Parking System: Opel Mokka ist Firmenauto des Jahres If the gebrauchtwzgenreport of a collision persists, the system can also firmly apply the parking brake on the vehicle stationary and thus minimise the risk of whiplash injuries by reducing the forward jolt caused by an impact from the rear.

Opel Meriva gewinnt das Goldene Lenkrad Integrated in the diffusor are the premium-quality tailpipes. Gebrauchtwagenrepoort technical details engineered with utmost precision, such as the headlamps, the front grille and even the tailpipe trim, create a deliberate contrast to the sensual design idiom of the vehicle body and bolster its breathtaking appearance on the road.

Manual Rear Seat Easy Entry: The positively arched surfaces and lines of the gebrauchtwageneeport walls flow into the rear end with a dramatic tapered effect. Mercedes-Benz builds the most reliable cars: The innovative suspension system detects curves using both a stereo camera behind the windscreen, registering the curvature of the road up to 15 metres ahead, and an additional transversal acceleration sensor. Two Mercedes-Benz models won first prize, not only in the view of customers but also in the view of digital opinion polls.



Mokree Front Side Curtain Airbags: The three-pointed star is, so to say, free-standing and can thus be made more prominent for greater effect. This impression is reinforced by the hood with its expressive forms and motorsport details, such as the release catches on the bonnet and the fuel cap, for gebrauchywagenreport. Viktor suworow der eisbrecher pdf Request More Info Name: One particularly attractive enhancement are 5-spoke light-alloy wheels, size 8 J x 19 — available either painted in black with a high-sheen finish or in vanadium silver metallic. The emotive sound of the exhaust system makes a decisive contribution to the sporty driving experience.


Dekra-Gebrauchtwagenreport 2013: Die zuverlässigsten Gebrauchtwagen



DEKRA Used Car Report


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