Add to Cart Overview Reformed Dogmatics is hailed by editor John Bolt as biblically and confessionally faithful, pastorally sensitive, challenging, and still relevant. This magnum opus of the renowned Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck is now fully translated into English. This volume includes a combined index of all four volumes as well as discussions of the person and work of the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Sacraments, and Eschatology. A welcome resource for scholars, students, pastors, and theological libraries. Unfortunately, this magnum opus from the great Reformed theologian has only been available in Dutch, and therefore has been inaccessible to most readers. With Logos Bible Software the entire Reformed Dogmatics set is fully searchable and easily accessible.

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Amsterdam: Bakker, De gereformeerde spiritualiteit van Herman Bavinck Selderhuis, 75— Vaassen: Medema, Ad Chartas-reeks 9. Barneveld: De Vuurbaak, Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, Heflin, Joel.

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Herman Bavinck Bibliography

As he discusses the standard topics of dogmatic theology, he stands on the shoulders of giants such as Augustine, John Calvin, Francis Turretin, and Charles Hodge. This masterwork will appeal to scholars and students of theology, research and theological libraries, and pastors and laity who read serious works of Reformed theology. John Bolt is professor of systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary. The late John Vriend translated many classic theological works.


Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 1: Prolegomena

The Bavinck Review 7 : 63— Kampen: J. Kok, Theologiae Doctores et Professores in Academia Leidensi. Editio sexta, iii—vii.


Reformed Dogmatics (4 vols.)

He first went to theological school at Kampen, but then moved on to Leiden for further training. He graduated in from Leiden having completed a dissertation on Ulrich Zwingli. While serving there, he also assisted his denomination that had formed out of the withdrawal of orthodox Calvinists earlier from the state Hervormde Kerk, a withdrawal movement called the "Afscheiding" the Off-breaking in its merger with a second and subsequent larger breakaway movement that also left the Hervormde Kerk, this time under the leadership of Abraham Kuyper, a movement called "the Doleantie" the Weeping. As a result of the merger, GKiN inherited the denominational seminary of the Afscheiding churches and that seminary became the denominational seminary of the GKiN, where Bavinck stayed put, so as to ease the transition of his colleagues and people within the much larger new Church. Already, when the Afgescheidenen merged with the Dolerenden, there was a minority of the Off-breakers who stayed out of the union; they formed their new denomination as the Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken CGK , and they established their own theological seminary in the town of Apeldoorn. Amidst all these developments, Bavinck stayed put and pursued his class lectures, research, writing, and publication - making his distinctive mark as an orthodox Calvinist theologian and churchman.


Herman Bavinck

Background[ edit ] Bavinck was born in the town of Hoogeveen in the Netherlands to a German father, Jan Bavinck who was the minister of theologically conservative, ecclesiastically separatist Christian Reformed Church Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerk. After his high school education, Bavinck first went to the Theological School in Kampen in , but then moved on to Leiden for further training after one year in Kampen. He wrote in his student journal notes that the reason made him to transfer his studies was because he was motived by the preaching of the pastor Johannes Hendricus Donner , who was also ministering in Leiden by that time. He studied under prominent faculties such as Johannes Scholten and Abraham Kuenen , and finally graduated in from the University of Leiden having completed a dissertation on the ethics of Ulrich Zwingli. While serving there, he also assisted his denomination that had formed out of the withdrawal of orthodox Calvinists earlier from the state Hervormde Kerk , a withdrawal movement called the " Afscheiding " Secession in its merger with a second and subsequent larger breakaway movement that also left the Hervormde Kerk, this time under the leadership of Abraham Kuyper , a movement called the " Doleantie " the Complaint: a historical reference to the term used by orthodox Reformed ministers who opposed Arminianism prior to the National Synod of Dordt, —

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