Like it or not, fashion exerts a powerful hold over peopleeven those who eschew it. While reactions to fashion are ambivalent, there is no doubt that clothes matter. How do the ways we clothe the body contribute to the performance of the self or person? Indeed, why does fashion matter so much, why does it matter at all? Everyday fashion dress codes, a sense of fashionability does not simply trickle down from the Preface Fashion is perplexing, intriguing, irritating and, above all, compulsive.

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Tell others about this book Lorem About Fashion Fashion is everywhere. It is one of the main ways in which we present ourselves to others, signaling what we want to communicate about our sexuality, wealth, professionalism, subcultural and political allegiances, social status, even our mood. It is also a global industry with huge economic, political and cultural impact on the lives of all of us who make, sell, wear or even just watch fashion.

Fashion: the key concepts presents a clear introduction to the complex world of fashion. The aim throughout is to present a comprehensive but also accessible and provocative analysis. Readers will discover how the fashion industry is structured and how it thinks, the links between catwalk, celebrity branding, media promotion and mainstream retail, how clothes mean different things in different parts of the world, and how popular culture influences fashion and how fashion shapes global culture.

Illustrated with a wealth of photographs, the text is further enlivened with over 30 detailed and rich case studies - ranging across topics as diverse as the meaning of black in fashion, the rise of celebrity branding, the cult of thinness, the politics of veiling, the eroticism of shoes and the power of cosmetics. The Fashion Impulse 2.

The Eurocentric Fashion System 3. Fashion Cycles, Symbols and Flows 4. Fashion, Body Techniques and Identity 5. Fashion, Aesthetics and Art 6. Fashion as a Business and Cultural Industry 7. Popular Culture and Fashion 8. A panoramic and ambitious study of dress, in all its wider meanings and manifestations.

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The face of fashion: cultural studies in fashion

Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents 1. Exotic Impulses in Techniques of Fashion 3. Fashioning Women - Techniques of Femininity 4. Soft Focus - Techniques of Fashion Photography 6. States of Undress - Lingerie to Swimwear 7. Fashioning Masculinity - Dressed for Comfort or Style 9.


The Face of Fashion : Cultural Studies in Fashion



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