To me, the Hexar feels a little like a complicated camera trapped in the body of a simple one. If you use it in a simple way — much I think like Rob does — I suspect it can be very rewarding; Rob certainly seems to enjoy his, and gets great shots too. Along side the automatic functions common to the genre of cameras the Konica Hexar best fits into, it features aperture priority and even a full manual mode. As I mention in this post , I find a preference in cameras that have clarity of function. To my mind, this is something the Hexar lacks. That being said, I made the comment because I already had a fairly strong feeling about not wanting to talk about these features in the same way others have.

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However, due to some sort of patent or copyright infringement, this feature was removed The later versions of the Hexar AF required a specific order of buttons to be pressed before silent mode could be activated read here.

So be sure to consider using lower speed films if shooting in bright day light. Wait for the "L" to appear on the small LCD screen. For street photography this seals the deal for some of you. Hold down the select button until the ISO range number appears. This tells the meter that there is actually a lower speed or "darker" film loaded so it will need to compensate 1 stop overall, hence overexposing the ISO film by one stop.

This concept took me a while to grasp but it makes complete sense when you draw it out on paper. Half-way press down the shutter button to find the focus distance between the lens and subject, then press the MF button to lock focus to that distance. The LCD screen will display the distance that the lens is set to. To release the lens from manual focus, simply press the MF button again. I will certainly update this posting as my time with the Hexar AF moves forward.

Check out this frame by justcallmeloz.


The Konica Hexar AF

This is a camera that is easy to get spoilt by. It is small, quick, exposes perfectly, is sharp and is silent. No wonder I have come to enjoy it! But… would you believe it! When I grabbed the Hexar for a walk the other day it refused to work!


5 Frames with a Konica Hexar AF – By James Nguyen

The release of the Hexar in came as a suprise to the photography community. The Hexar was shockingly good, despite its quirky button use to set the cameras functions with. It was hailed as the viable alternative for a Leica M6, and AutoFocus too! In this digital day and era, I feel safe to say the Hexar is the best compact film camera ever produced. Full stop. This review has a HUGE list of follow-up posts from numerous users, sharing all kinds of tips an tricks on the Hexar. And, somewhere in there used to be a table with button pushes to enable the Silent Mode on Hexars that come without it.


Picking a few holes in the untouchable – A Konica Hexar review

The camera features Aperture Priority, Program, and Manual modes. But even these folks knew what a great camera the Hexar was so they had to have it. So remember…Hexar AF, point and shoot. Hexar RF, rangefinder. The relatively large size of the camera may also be a contributing factor to it being perceived as a traditonal rangefinder. This is mostly true for the black version.


Konica Hexar AF – Under the Radar

But not really. The first time I ever saw one was on the streets of NYC while doing a shoot. Almost directly across the street from me was Peter Lindbergh doing a shoot with Helena Christensen. While I could see he was using a Nikon F5 for the shoot, during stylist or lighting breaks, he was snapping away with another little camera. So I thought I should check it out. But sharpness and contrast?

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