He comes from a family of journalists. His father Nils Torvalds is a Finnish politician and perhaps president candidate in the next elections. Since this is an unusual surname, there are hardly 30 Torvalds in the world and they are all relatives, claims Linus Torvalds in his biography. A young Linus Torvalds with his journalist sister Sara Torvalds 3.

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See Article History Linus Torvalds, born December 28, , Helsinki , Finland , Finnish computer scientist who was the principal force behind the development of the Linux operating system.

In , while a computer science student at the University of Helsinki M. Months of determined programming work yielded the beginnings of an operating system known as Linux. In he posted a message on the Internet to alert other PC users to his new system, made the software available for free downloading, and, as was a common practice among software developers at the time, he released the source code, which meant that anyone with knowledge of computer programming could modify Linux to suit their own purposes.

Because of their access to the source code, many programmers helped Torvalds retool and refine the software, and by Linux kernel original code version 1. However, Linux evolved into a remarkably reliable, efficient system that rarely crashed.

Linux became popular in the late s when competitors of Microsoft began taking the upstart OS seriously. Netscape Communications Corp. In addition to Linux being free, its source code can be viewed and freely modified by anyone, unlike a proprietary OS. This means that different language versions can be developed and deployed in markets that would be too small for the traditional companies.

Also, many organizations and governments have expressed security reservations about using any kind of computer software that contains code that cannot be viewed. For all of the above reasons, localized versions of Linux have become common in China and many other non-Western countries. In Torvalds took a position with Transmeta Corp. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription.

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20 Facts About Linus Torvalds, the Creator of Linux and Git

His parents Nils and Ana Torvalds were journalists. He studied computer science at the University of Helsinki from to He reached the position of Second Lieutenant and returned to the University to complete his studies. Linux Operating System Linus Torvalds bought his first computer but was not satisfied with the Windows operating system. He posted it on the internet in to inform other PC users of this system. The software was available for free download. He also released the source code.


Linus Torvalds Biography,Career,Quotes,Net Worth and Wife

He even has an asteroid and an asteroid moon named after him. He is the owner of the Linux trademark and is one of the highest authorities who decide the incorporation of new codes. He has a total of 35 applied and granted patents internationally. He served as one of the chief architects of the Linux kernel operating system and currently works as the main coordinator of the project. He was named after Linus Pauling, the famous physical chemist and Nobel Prize winner.


Linus Torvalds

His parents were radical members of a communist party in the s, who divorced when Linus was 10 years old. Linus himself is an atheist with no political affiliations. He is said to have been a focused and introverted child, who preferred reading and learning in solitude to sports and other physical activities. His grandfather was a renowned Finnish poet named Ole Torvalds.


Linus Torvalds's Biography

He is the founder and coordinator of Linux , the Unix-like operating system that is beginning to revolutionize the computer industry and possibly much else as well. His is truly one of the great tales in the history of the computers. He was named after Linus Pauling, the famous physical chemist and Nobel Prize winner. The Torvalds family belongs to the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland, which numbers about , in a total population of roughly five million. Many members of the family were journalists. His parents, Nils and Anna Torvalds, were both radicals at the University of Helsinki during the s. His father was a Communist who spent a year studying in Moscow in the mids and later became a radio journalist.

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