If this is not the case, clean the surface with a wire brush and dry using a torch or hot air drier to remove any dampness. Apply a layer of bituminous Primer and leave to dry. Peel the transparent release paper from the waterstop. Position the waterstop on the surface and press firmly along the entire length of the strip to ensure maximum adherence between the waterstop and the concrete.

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This self-sealing, non-swelling preformed joint sealant provides a lasting, watertight bond on both fresh synko flex waterstop cured concrete surfaces. It creates a permanent seal which is resistant to acids, alkalis, silage and salt water. Are you interested in one of aynko products? Give us a call and we can help you find it.

Automotive Fleet Vehicle Maintenance. Concrete and Asphalt Products. Rebar and Wire Mesh. Permanent, non-expanding, adhesive waterstop for concrete structures and flexible sealing compound for permanent watertight joints in pre-cast concrete units. It can therefore be applied to existing concrete and scabbled surfaces, around through-wall pipes fpex fittings, in and around sewerage and silage environments, and to protect reinforcement. Eliminates split forming, wiring to rebar, heat synko flex waterstop of splices Unaffected by rain or moisture synko flex waterstop installation Offers excellent chemical resistance Bonds to most substrates Unaffected by cyclic wetting and drying Safe for use in potable water structures.

Waterproofing Drywall Ceiling Wall Panels. Industrial Motors and Engines. Material Handling Storage Containment. This easily compressible product is designed to completely seal and fill the annular space between pre-cast units. CMC Construction Services. Drill Bits and Drilling Accessories. Safety Equipment and Products. Security Equipment and Accessories. Access Doors Vents Roof Access. Interested in this item or want more information?

Please talk to us or complete the contact form. Cleaning Waste Removal Waste Storage. Concrete and Asphalt Chemicals. Electrical Products and Equipment. Testing Instruments for all Purposes. Welding Products and Equipment. We shall be happy to work together with you on an individual solution for synko flex waterstop ssynko project — from product combinations to custom-made products.

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Synko-Flex Waterstop



Synko-Flex® FR Waterstop SF312


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